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Flagstaff Fire, June 26th, 2012

View from house patio at 4.35 pm

The Flagstaff Road fire [actually on Bison Drive] started at approximately the boundary of our property with the Boulder Mountain Parks. It was a lightening strike and the small fire was observed almost immediately by my neighbor John Kineman who alerted me. I started taking photographs about an hour after the fire stated as I got immediately busy putting ladders up each wall, all furniture in the center of the room and all valuables in the entrance hall ready to pack [Clare came back 40 minutes later and we loaded the Land Cruiser and attached the trailer.

Thanks to our Fire Chief, numerous firemen from many parts of the USA and air drops of fire retardant and water, only about 250 acres were burned. The view from our house in not bad as most of the fire was contained in the valley between South Boulder Mountain and Bear Mountain.

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